Dr. Gazi Raises Awareness of Men Urinary Health

Dr. Mukaram Gazi

January 22, 2021

Dr. Mukaram Gazi

Most males are comfortable discussing details concerning things they love, such as baseball, football, and cars, but sometimes tragically they are uncomfortable discussing their health. Dr. Gazi, the founder of a local urology group, has raised awareness for men’s urinary health in novel ways. Talking about men’s urinary health in public is difficult considering that most men find it hard to talk about any of their health problems. Dr. Mukaram Gazi, a repeat NJ Monthly Top Doctor, explains more on men’s urinary health.

“One of the most challenging things men undergo is talking about their health, especially issues related to their urological health. Therefore, we decided to set up signs at sporting events such as golf outings and baseball stadium bathrooms to raise awareness of common urinary related health conditions in men,” says Dr. Mukaram Gazi.

A board-certified urologist at UUANJ, Dr. Mukaram Gazi who has a urology office in Hamilton, NJ, uses creative marketing to refer to typical urological conditions such as enlarged prostate, overactive bladder and erectile dysfunction. Over the years, the use of slogans has been used as a successful marketing strategy. But, in this case, it is not just for marketing purposes but also to raise awareness. “Our new mechanism is useful in reaching out to numerous people in the region. The method is as effective as making a public announcement. Therefore, it makes a good number of men aware of common issues affecting fellow males.” Says Dr. Mukaram Gazi Hamilton, NJ.

Dr. Gazi Provides Insight on Importance of Raising Men’s Health Awareness

“It is necessary to make men aware of conditions they are likely to suffer from by providing facts. Such information helps them recognize warning signs and seek medical attention instead of ignoring them. Many urological conditions have better outcomes in cases where the patient seeks medical intervention early.” Says Dr. Gazi. Moreover, he advises men to know the risk factors, and recommends early medical evaluation if they suspect something is wrong. Dr. Gazi stated that “embarrassment should not be a reason to avoid seeing a urologist, we have probably seen, studied, or treated the issue before.”

How Is Dr. Mukaram Gazi and the team at UUANJ Raising Men’s Health Awareness?

Aside from the traditional use of prostate cancer screenings, men’s health support group talks , and seminars, the University Urology Associates of New Jersey, commonly known as UUANJ, has taken the message to sports fans in their backyard. The use of signs at sports venues has not just been a platform to advertise the organization’s medical practices but also to enlighten the public on typical health issues.

Dr. Mukaram Gazi encourages men to schedule an appointment and learn more information on common urological symptoms affecting males. UUANJ has offices in Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean counties in New Jersey.